Simple collaboration for ad production.
One place to version, manage, and collaborate on your creatives.
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Bring the whole team together
Adroot takes ad production to the next level. Now your whole team can preview designs, provide feedback and collaborate in a single workspace.
Save 4 hours per campaign.
Adroot provides less interruption, more collaboration and better organization.
Automation helps you analyze and approve your creatives a lot faster and save your work hours.
Clear Feedbacks
Point and click to give feedback. It feels just like they’re standing next to you, fast and simple.
Preview and compare your creatives
Add new versions, switch and compare with ease, and approve with confidence when you are ready.
No duplicate files. No conflicted copy. No confusion. Automatic notifications will be sent to all collaborators.
Precise specifications for all formats.
Never publish an ad with the wrong specs! Use predefined templates for all sizes for campaigns that work across display, video, and social media platforms.